What is
Créche Guard?


Créche Guard offers a wide range of Probiotics & nutritional supplements for children and babies from birth to 12 years. We at Créche Guard help to support a healthy lifestyle for your children so the family can stay healthy too.

Staying Healthy

For children, there is no time to be sick. They want to play games, see their friends and have lots of fun. But kids have a sharing, caring nature and tend to share their germs with everyone around them. We have nutritional daily supplements to support your child’s immunity so the whole family can stay healthy too.

Nutrition & Health

A balanced diet containing essential vitamins and minerals is important for the growth and development of your children. Créche Guard Immune Multivit syrup is a multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated to give your child’s body the right nutrients at the right levels every day. Créche Guard Immune Multivit is an ideal supplement for fussy eaters who might not be getting all of the important vitamins and minerals if their diet is nutritionally insufficient.


I love Creche guard products as my children are of the very few kids at school that do not permanently walk around with a runny nose. The school has actually asked me what I do to prevent them from getting sick all the time, and I believe it is thanks to Crèche Guard!!


They protect both my children always and they eliminate trips to the Dr’s so I can save money because I’m a single mother.


Crèche Guard helps to keep my children healthy and happy, especially through the winter. They enjoy the taste and they love the pictures on the packaging.


It is all in one! The flavour is not bad, its got no artificial colourants, it helps for sore throats, fever, pain all in one and both my kids can use it! THANK YOU FOR A STUNNING ALL IN ONE!!



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